Lakefield Jr. High

Lakefield Jr. High Outreach Worker

What we're looking for:

You must have a passion for working with youth, an entrepreneurial impulse, as well as excellent people and communication skills. It will be an asset to have volunteer development. You will serve under the supervision of the Satillite Director and will be a part of a growing team of missionaries with Youth Unlimited. Does that sound like you? We hope so!


While we adhere to process we recognize that youth culture is constantly changing and so our work reflects that openness to adapt meet the needs as they manifests themselves. Being a youth organization we are by nature fun loving, enthusiastic, playful and creative. If you are a sourpuss, we don't want you. That being said, we take the value of our work seriously and aim for high standards of performance. If you can span this wide range of traits, then consider us.


While we recognize that there are many youth workers who don't share the Christian faith, yet do excellent work in our community, we are looking for applicants who adhere to the Christian faith. We believe that Christ offers more than mere values; he offers a divine influence in a person's life leading to internal change. We hope to invite young people to explore how this can manifest in their personal lives.

What you can expect from us:

Working for Kawartha Youth Unlimited you will be part of a team that truly emphasizes the notion that we are a team. We encourage ongoing professional development as well as the pooling of practices and resources from Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited Canada.


Salaries are determined based on a standardized pay grid in which education and work experience are taken into consideration. Salaries are raised through the support of individuals who partner financially in this work.Each employee is responsible to find personal financial supporters. Youth Unlimited can provide training to aid in this process.


For more information on this position, our application process or to apply please contact Chris Jones at 705-761-2903. To download the  job position please follow the following link: Junior High Position. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Resumes can be sent to or faxed with cover page to 705.743.2689.