Lakefield Youth Unlimited Staff

Chris Jones

For close to 20 years Chris has been involved in Church and community youth groups, drop-in programs, day camps, and high school support in small and large communities. Currently, he is the Satellite Director of Youth Unlimited in Lakefield, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

I long to see the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of youth met, so that they can attain the full potential that they have been created for.

In my spare time I love to cook, watch film festival movies and HBO series, and follow sports (ecspecially any Toronto team).
Melanie Ryttersgaard
Melanie is the Office Manager/Administrative Assistant with Youth Unlimited in Lakefield.

I use the skills and experience gained from my BBA at Trent University, as well as my natural organizational gifting, to help keep things running smoothly. My goal is to support the staff of LYU by helping to manage the logistical aspects of our satellite. I am detail oriented and personable, so this job is a great fit for me. I enjoy interacting with people and being the hub for communication at LYU, as well as the administrative elements of the job. Above all, I love the fact that I am indirectly serving youth and families in the Lakefield community!

In my spare time, I love to read, paint and hang out with my husband Jonny and our dog, Junior!
Sarah Jones

Sarah has almost twenty years of experience running After School Programs in large and small communities. For the past eight years she has been volunteering with Youth Unlimited in Lakefield in the 'Come Cook With Us' program. She has also been the coordinator for LYU's Christmas and Easter hampers, organized a weekly mom's night-out called "Moms in a Nuttshell," and most recently organized Family Movies on school P.D. days.

I have become the organizer for the LYU After School Program that meets during the school year, and have functioned in this capacity for the past two years. My passion is to see that young children's needs are met at an early age so that they can be equipped to realize their full potiential.
Eileen Caldwell

I have worked with children and youth for over 35 years. For the past 9 years I have been volunteering with Lakefield Youth Unlimited, and now I am the Junior High Outreach Worker.

I realize how I come alive inside when I hang out with children and youth. As much as they give to me in their honesty and love, I want to give back to help them discover how unique they are. My heart and passion is that each young person would come to realize how wonderful they are and they have a heavenly Dad who loves and adores them.

One thing that I have learnt in life is to never say, "I'm too old" to God - he isn't concerned about age just about your willingness of heart.