Welcome to the Lindsay Youth Unlimited page!

With a dynamic committee and a growing staff, the vision of Lindsay YU is to create pockets of ministry all over the community to meet the felt needs of the youth in the city of Kawartha Lakes.  Currently, our staff and growing team of volunteers work both at the Adult Education Centre and the Salvation Army centre.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we serve breakfast with the help of students and teachers to 30-60 students.  Our staff works diligently to mentor these students and assist the Adult Ed Centre in any way they can.

We have the privledge to work along side a team of volunteers at the Salvation Army who provide a free lunch to local students everyday of the week.  Our job is to provide some supervision and just hang with the kids who attend in the hopes of sharing the Gospel with them. 

On Target, our fast growing Archery program, runs in 9 week sessions, with 10-14 youth attending each week. We use the sport of Archery as a connecting point for sharing Jesus with the youth.


Our Lindsay Outreach Worker is none other than Al Cavers...

First lightning, then thunder... then children weeping in humble awe! That is the effect every time Al flexes his muscles! Did you know Al used to dig holes? Yep! Now he's digging into the hearts of youth in the Lindsay area to plant the seed of every good thing that God would have for them. Couple that  with an award winning smile, and you have something to write home to grandma about!