ON Target

Mission Statement:

On Target is operated as an extention of the mission and vision on Lindsay Youth Unlimited and Kawartha Youth For Christ. By striving to meet the need for a safe enviroment for young people, we will endeavour to demonstrate to them God's love, and assist them to make choices in their life based on a realization of their God-given potential.

Mutual Respect:

On Target Archery is operated on the basis of mutual respect (for others, for yourself, for property). Examples of this will include:

a) Archers will respect eachothers' personal space and property. They will not touch or use personal archery equipment without permission.

b) Noise will be kept to a reasonable level.

c) Archers will speak to eachother and to the Range Commander/Instructors with kindness and avoid the use of profanity.

Positive Lifestyle Choices:

As indicated in the mission statement, Lindsay Youth Unlimited takes a holistic view of the individuale, and cares for him/her beyond archery needs alone. Therefore, archers may be invited to engage in discussions with instructors on any issues in their lives, such as:

Career/ life goals, Family relationship issuses, School/academic conerns, Potentially dangerous behaviours, Spirital Direction.

It is our hope that ON Target Archery will have a positive impact on the choices the archers make beyond being taught the life skills of archery.


For more information, please email Martin Chipp-Smith